Update on Space Norways ADIS-project

Space Norways ADIS-project is progressing well, and the satellite will launch in June 2025 on SpaceX Transporter.

Space Norway AS is developing a microsatellite mission called the Application Development Infrastructure in Space (ADIS).

“We are six months past contract signature for ADIS project, and both platform and payloads are progressing well and moving quickly towards the PDR milestone. We are confident to be ready for launch in June 2025”, says Anton Bolstad, project manager for the ADIS mission. 

Two Payloads

The ADIS satellite is hosting a wideband frequency agile Software Defined Radio (SDR) payload as its primary payload. In addition is a VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) payload as its secondary payload.

After a competitive process OHB Sweden’s flight proven InnoSat microsatellite platform was selected to host the payloads together with supporting wideband antennas and subsystems for communication.

Will Demonstrate Satellite-Based Internet of Things Services

Space Norway is owner and operator of the ADIS satellite. The first task the satellite will embark upon when launched, is to demonstrate satellite-based Internet of Things services. The demonstrations will be conducted on behalf of the European Space Agency, and will support the regulatory process both in Europe and globally through the ITU, with the objective of securing new frequency allocations for satellite based IoT.

The payloads on the ADIS satellite will be provided by Space Norway through experienced Norwegian subcontractors Kongsberg Discovery AS, Seatex (VDES) and Widenorth AS (SDR), excelling in their fields of expertise. A third Norwegian company, Comrod AS, is also involved in designing antenna solutions for the ADIS satellite.

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