About Space Norway

Space Norway’s task is to manage and develop strategic space infrastructure to serve important Norwegian societal needs.

This is Space Norway

Space Norway’s assets and operations include technology and infrastructure in an area where the Norwegian Government has a need for control and supervision.

Space Norway is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and represents a key part of the Norwegian Government’s activities and assets in the space sector.

Companies in the group

The group comprises the holding company Space Norway AS including the 100 percent owned subsidiaries Statsat AS, Telenor Satellite and Space Norway HEOSAT AS (HEOSAT), as well as a 50 percent ownership in Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT).

  • Telenor Satellite is a major satellite provider that covers the European, Middle East and North African (EMEA) market with broadcasting and data communication services. The company serves millions of homes with TV services, and nearly 2,000 vessels and 600 land terminals with data connectivity.
  • HEOSAT was registered in 2019 and is a single purpose company with the goal to establish broadband communication in the Arctic by launching two satellites into a highly elliptical orbit with a corresponding ground segment. The capacity has been sold in its entirety to the Norwegian Armed Forces, the US Space Force and Inmarsat.
  • Statsat is responsible for the development and operation of small satellites for governmental use. The business is mainly related to the operation and renewal of the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s fleet of AIS satellites. The assignment is reviewed annually, but long-term plans for maintenance and continued operations have been established.
  • KSAT is a joint venture owned 50/50 by Space Norway AS and Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace AS. KSAT is the world’s largest supplier of ground station services for controlling and downloading data from satellites in polar orbits. In 2022, antenna capacity was increased, and at the end of the
    year KSAT operated approximately 300 antennas and made approximately 1,040,000 satellite contacts per month. KSAT supplies services to such space programmes as Galileo and Copernicus which are important ESA/EU-funded programmes.

Executive Management

Ledergruppen i Space Norway AS.
Space Norway's management (from left): Hans Christian Guren, Gro Undrum, Dag H. Stølan, Marte Skogvoll Kalveland, Rune Jensen and Kjell-Ove Orderud Skare. Morten Tengs, Martin Foss and Torstein Losnedahl was not present during the photo shoot. Photo: Nina Holtan / ninaholtan.no.

The Board of Space Norway

The Board of Directors of Space Norway. In front from the left: Svein Olav Munkeby, Per Atle Våland, Ann-Kari Heier. In the back from the left: Morten Haga Lunde, Siri Løvlund and Tore Olaf Rimmereid. Foto: Nina Holtan