Space Norway Makes Changes in Senior Management

The board of Space Norway Group has appointed Morten Tengs as acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Space Norway group, effective from June 1 of this year. He transitions from his previous role as CEO of Telenor Satellite. Dag H. Stølan, current CEO of Space Norway, will assume a new position as Executive Vice President of the company.

Space Norways new top management with former CEO ac Executive Vice President and Morten Tengs a new, acting CEO.
Dag H. Stølan (left) and Morten Tengs. Photo: Sapce Norway

"With the acquisition of Telenor Satellite, the Space Norway group has become the largest satellite operator in Northern Europe. The company plays a pivotal role in the Norwegian space industry and is a major international satellite operator, and it is a goal for Space Norway to be a driving force in the further development of Norwegian and international satellite industry. Against this backdrop, I have recommended to the board that Space Norway should change its senior management. I am pleased that Morten Tengs will lead the group until a new permanent CEO is appointed," says the outgoing CEO Dag H. Stølan.

Morten Tengs has been leading Telenor Satellite since 2013. He will be replaced by Peter Olsen, who until now has served as the Director of Business Development at Telenor Satellite.

"I have accepted the position of interim CEO for the Space Norway group and look forward to building on the strong foundation that Dag H. Stølan has established," says Morten Tengs.

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