Setting High Goals for Norway’s Space Efforts

“Space Norway aims to be a key player in Norwegian space activities. My ambition for Space Norway is to be a leading part of the development of Norwegian space operations," says Dag H. Stølan, CEO of Space Norway.

According to Stølan, Norway has been a pioneer in utilizing space capabilities to meet societal needs.

"With years of experience in the industry, a deep understanding of technology, and a clear mandate from the Norwegian state, we're poised to drive satellite development and advance space systems in Norway," Stølan explains.

Stølan emphasizes that Space Norway plays a crucial role in supporting national security.

"We're responsible for developing and managing space services for use by government agencies and society at large."

Strong Foundation for Further Growth

Historically, Space Norway has been a relatively small company in terms of its workforce. "Over time, we've grown in the number of highly competent employees, giving us a strong foundation for further growth," says Stølan.

He refrains from discussing specific future plans.

"While I can't provide details yet, we have exciting things in progress," he promises.

Commitment to Innovation

Stølan is committed to ensuring that Space Norway is a reliable service provider.

"We aim to meet customer expectations, building trust and proving ourselves worthy of it."

Stølan highlights Space Norway's priorities, promising a continued emphasis on innovation in close dialogue with potential customers.

He assures that Space Norway's vision shapes the company's future.

"Our vision is to deliver advanced space systems that meet the needs of Norwegian society. We're dedicated to making this vision a reality."

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