The company was set up to operate Automatic Identification System (AIS) satellites on behalf of the Norwegian Coastal Administration and managed by the Norwegian Space Centre.

Two Norwegian satellites are currently in operation and used to monitor ships, three more are satellites scheduled for launch in 2017.

The company mission is to define, develop, procure and operate Norwegian Government space infrastructures on behalf of the Norwegian Space Centre. The company is co-located with Space Norway.


Kongsberg Satellite Services

The company owns and operates 24 interconnected satellite earth stations with more than 180 remotely controlled antennas around the world.

These are used for control, monitoring and download of data from a range of satellites belonging to international customers. The headquarter is located in Tromsø with additional offices in Longyearbyen, Oslo and Stockholm. The company over 200 employees.

Space Norway owns 50% of KSAT.